Why WSOP Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins

WSOP is a series of poker championships take place annually in the city of Las Vegas. The origin of event takes place in 1970 when American gambling icon Benny Binion invited seven famous poker players to his Horseshoe Casino. At that time only one championship is played with start and stop time along with a secret ballot of seven players from which the winner is determined. 

In 2017, the championship is made up of 74 events with poker variations like draw poker, Stud poker, Community card poker. It has been observed that more than 50% of the games have been a variant of Texas hold ‘em which is a popular card game. The events take place on a specified day or consecutive days during the event which takes place generally in the month of June and July. However, the main event the final table delayed till October due to the United States Presidential Elections in the year 2012 and 2016. 


History of WSOP

The idea of Poker championship takes place in 1969, at that time the event called a Texas Gambling Reunion. To participate in the game you need an invitation without it you can’t even play the game. The first WSOP was won by Crandell Addington and become a member of Poker Hall of Fame. Tournament layout and sets were an exclusive idea of Las Vegas Casino Owner and poker player Benny Binion.

The first Poker championship in 1970 took place at Binion Horseshoe feature games that are Five card stud, razz, seven card stud, Texas Hold em, Deuce to seven low ball draw. The format of Main table event takes place from next year of the event. The first winner Johnny Moss was elected and received a silver cup as an honour. 

Expansions of WSOP

After Harrah Entertainment purchased Binion Horseshoe in 2004. They announced that 2005 WSOP event will be held at the Rio Hotel and Casino which is a property of Harrah as well. Another thing to note that property is not located in or near Las Vegas. Only last 2 days of the main event held at MTR operated Binion’s. Poker Championship also added a made for television $2 freeroll invitational event by the name of Tournament of Champions. The first event was won by Annie Duke as a winner takes all concept. 

2005 – WSOP Circuit

In 2005, WSOP started World Series of Poker Circuit, a franchise of original series organised at Harrah’s Owned Properties in United States.  The Tournament of Champions is played between top twenty qualifying players at each circuit along with the main table event. Players having nine or more bracelet can participate in reconstructed Tournament of Champions at Ceasers Place.

The first prize of 1 million was won by Mike Matusow and even a prize of $25000 for eighth and ninth places finishers. Total eleven property of Harrah participated in the event only one event which was scheduled for Biloxi was cancelled due to Katrina Hurricane which is a Category 5 Hurricane. 

2007 – WSOP Europe

The World Series of Poker Europe is the first and foremost expansion of Poker championship in its history. In 2007 the first WSOP event Outside Las Vegas complete with Bracelets which is a non-monetary prize a poker player can win held. In inaugural World Series of Poker Europe three events held in London on dated September 6-17, 2007. The main event was won by a teenager Named Annette Obrestad before her 19th birthday. She is the youngest winner of WSOPE bracelet and the record cannot be broken in Las Vegas World Series of Poker due to current laws which don’t permit casino playing before the age of 21.

Annette made it to WSOPE as minimum age for casino playing in United Kingdom is 18. On the same day While no plans still announced but WSOP commissioner Jeffery Pollack gave a sign that in next three years other venues may also start organising WSOP events. The two most possible locations as expansion sites were Egypt and South Africa. As promised World Series of Poker Africa was launched in 2010 but currently, it is treated as a WSOP circuit event with no bracelet given as rewards. 

2010 – WSOP Africa

In the year 2010, the Poker Championship extended overseas once again but this time limited to Gauteng, South Africa. However, this event was a part of WSOP Circuit, even winners didn’t rewarded with a gold ring or a standing for the WSOP Circuit National Championship which is common in other circuit events. The WSOPA didn’t organise in 2011 But made a comeback in 2012. 

2013 – WSOP Asia Pacific

In 2012, WSOP and casino Crown Melbourn jointly announced the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific. The inaugural event takes place at crown casino Melbourne from April 4-15, 2013 with a spectacular five bracelet event in the series. 

2015 – WSOP International Circuit

WSOP international circuit was launched in 2015 with rounds distributed all over Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa. Each winner of tournament joins the WSOP circuit winners to participate in World Series of Poker Global Casino Championship. The international circuit has expanded into thirteen tournaments for the seasons of 2017/18.

Format of the Series

Each event winner has been awarded a World Series of Poker bracelet along with a monetary prize based on the number of persons participated and buy-in amount. Over the years tournament has grown up with a highly increased number of events and number of participants. Every year WSOP reaches at the amount of $10,000 in no limit main event. From 2004 the event attracted thousands of participants. The victor who received a multi-million dollar cash prize along with a bracelet which has become the most desired award for every poker player to win.

The winner of world series of poker main event is considered as the world champion of Poker. Since 1971, all WSOP tournaments are awarded a cash prize after two years in 1973 an event added called five card stud after it many events added and removed on trial basis. Since 1976 bracelet was rewarded to each winner of every event later on previous year winners also given a bracelet with effect from the date in past. The event was grown over the year slowly as the number of participants increased winnings also hyped. The highest amount won in WSOP is Antonio Esfandiari who won $18.3 million with a special platinum WSOP bracelet. 

Sponsors And Marketing Events

The WSOp holds a huge list of sponsors and licenced products which pay fees and cross promote the events of legendary poker league. Apart from Harrah’s properties and ESPN other sponsors are Jack Links Beef Jerky, Miller Brewing’s “Milwaukee’s Best” beers, Pepsi’s SoBe energy drink (sponsors of the 2005 TOC), Helene Curtis’s Degree deodorant, United States Playing Card’s Bicycle Pro Cards, Bluff Magazine, GlaxoSmithKline / Bayer’s Levitra erectile dysfunction medicine, and The Hershey Company. 

Licensees include Glu Mobile, Activision (video games for platforms such as Nintendo’s GameCube, Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation 2, and PC, featuring digital versions of stars like Chris Ferguson), and products made by different companies ranging from chip sets, playing cards, hand-held games, and clothing like caps and shirts. The official playing cards and chips are manufactured by Excalibur Electronics, Inc. which is based out of Miami, Florida and has been the main chip licensee since 2005. The fees and licenses bring in more than a million dollars to Harrah’s. Other things which contributed to the marketing of event are as follows:


DVD sets of the main event of 2003, 2004 was officially released by ESPN.

Video Games

In 2005, World Series of Poker a video game based on legendary championship was released for Pc gaming. The game was compatible with some consoles as well. There are 2 sequels were also released that is World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions in 2006 and World Series of Poker Battle for Bracelets in 2007. Recently some video poker machines are seen at some casino’s controlled by Harrah which were called as WSOP machines due to its additional feature which allows you to play a modified game of Texas Hold’em against the co


WSOP Poker Academy

In 2007, Harrah’s announced to build a World Series of Poker Academy which is actually a training centre cum school to provide skills needed to play poker and to win a WSOP bracelet. The instructor list of academy includes Annie Duke, Phill Hellmuth, Greg Raymer, Scott Fischman, Mark Kroon, Mark Seif and an ex FBI interrogator Joe Navarro. Some academies were opened in Tunica, Indiana, Las Vegas, Mississippi Only.                                                        


WSOP Online

Harrah’s made an agreement with Dragonfish in 2009 intended to provide its online gaming service. The service went live in UK last year where residents of UK can play poker for money. It is available in US as well but limited to Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey only. You can easily play online on

WSOP Lottery

Arizona Lottery issued the license for World Series of Poker $5 Scratchers with a top prize of $50,000. The game was played on 2 tables also hold a second chance for drawing of non-winning ticket to win one of two Grand Prize Trip Package that includes a seat at World Series of Poker main event.


WSOP Poker App

Now you can play poker on the official app of WSOP and it also gives a chance to win your own World Poker champion virtual Bracelet. One of the most reputed brands of poker provides a facility to play poker virtually anytime anywhere you want. Moving forward let’s explore the features of App.

Silent Features

  • Free Chips – To play poker you need chips that can be purchased but this app provides free chips every hour which you can claim easily and save your money. 
  • WSOP Bracelets – Yes the app provides you a chance to win the most prestigious non-monetary reward that is bracelet. You can earn a virtual bracelet here. 
  • Tournaments – You can enjoy playing multi-level tournaments of Texas Hold’em after winning these you will be rewarded by WSOP rings and higher ranking in leaderboard. Try to be the number one in leaderboard. 
  • Exclusive Events – The app features some limited period events where you can experience new style games and much more.
  • WSOP Clubs – If you have great playing skills than you can become a member of an exclusive club and enjoy elite benefits. 
  • Detailed Reports – The app provides a detailed report of every player with a graphical representation helps you to work on weak points and improve accordingly. 
  • Variety – The app provides a number of games which you can choose to play or become champion in each game.
  • Invite & Play – You can also invite your friends and play with them making happening your day or night with friends playing poker.
  • Switch –  You can start playing on app and continue the game on with the same bankroll.
  • Guest Play – The app doesn’t force you to register to play you can also play through guest mode where no details asked.
  • Facebook reward – When you connect your account with Facebook you get a complimentary chip of worth $250,000.
  • Slot games – You can win chips by playing on spinning casino slot machines.
  • Mission – stick to your plan and complete your mission daily which is provided by the game.

How to Download the WSOP App?

You can easily play poker using official World Series Poker App on Android devices. To download just follow the steps given below:

  • Use the given link to download World Series of Poker app for Android.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • After installation find the app icon in your device menu.
  • Tap the icon to open it.
  • Follow the instructions and fulfil the details. 
  • Start your poker journey on your android device.


How to Play 


Do you know? more than 400,000,000 People play poker online every year. Reasons may be different as some play for money, prizes or for fun. Playing poker online/App is faster and less complicated. Just like Casnio a professional dealer deals the card and keep the game moving. It is fast fair, no waits for shuffle and most importantly no misleads are given. No matter where you are you can still enjoy poker as in a casino.

While playing online you have options to choose table setting, size, layout just place your mouse in screen corner and select your desired table. The interactive game provides you the option of chat which you can disable if you do not wish to communicate with other players. While playing the game you can also keep an eye on player behaviour and strategy by keeping a record in given player notes. Which you can access at any point of game you need.

To make playing intesrting you can also customise the game by selecting graphics, themes, sound, alerts etc. You playing record is automatically saved on your profile which helps to check your playing history anytime. You can simply play the game by using the mouse but if you are not a mouse fan you can use the controls given below to play the game. 

  • Fold – F5
  • Call/Check – F6
  • Bet/Raise – F7
  • Move bet slider – Arrow left and right     

What are the pros and cons of tiered bracelet system in WSOP events as per buy in or field size?

The WSOP bracelets are changed a lot in the last few years even the number of bracelet events is almost gone double. For professionals players bracelet is a nice to have thing due to its prize money which is the real goal. Which is right to some extent but there are things which diminished value of bracelet as in the year 2019 number of bracelets awarded is eighty. A player who has won 3-4 bracelets get interested in a race where a person is known for his number of bracelets won. There are many rich players who are interested in bracelets only the money they got with bracelets is just a bonus for them.

Several hobbiyst or who wants to make records are those categories of players for them the value of bracelet will never change. As it is an achievement, prize, recognition which shows skills and efficiencies of a player permanently. It shows that distributing bracelets in big quantity can just diminish the attractiveness of event or downgrade the status of the event only. In addition, how to judge which bracelet occupies which tier of event as a small event with an amount of $100,000 buy-in. Where you have to battle with top professional players is more difficult to min than large field event with $1,000 buy-in? The answer to this one is far from what it looks.

As per variance itself would suggest that the large field event is might be hardest to win, though it might easier overall in which you have a positive ROI. The only risk is there might be a $10,000 event whose bracelet value would be devalued and if it weren’t people are still going to make their own judgement on the value of prize money. 


Now you guys are clear from all doubts on Poker Championship as the information shared above tells you all about legendary championship history, game formate and other details. It should be a 1 of seven deadly sin because it is fun, interesting and most importantly provide money to winners. Money is the key aspect for a good living. Also, it provides you a complete guide on how to play WSOP online or on the app.

If you still have any confusion on the topic or you want us to cover any aspect which is left here Mention it in the comment box below. To learn how to earn 5 times faster read my Blackjack tricks and grab a massive amount this season.



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