poker online
poker online

What Is Poker Online Really All About?

In my college life, I used to play poker online and it really helped me in collecting money to back my last year studies. Do not get fascinated by my above statement as it takes a lot of research, hard work, dedication to earn the necessary amount of money. As the game is associated directly with money will give you immense pleasure and pain. Why I highlighted the term pain here is to make you aware of anticipated monetary losses associated with the game.

People play poker for various reasons like enjoy, money making etc. I find Poker similar to life due to risk associated with it an unexpected but if your lucky and knows the game the potential rewards are going to be more than your expectations. Skill is important in both as life and a game of poker is short and only a few people can be lucky enough to win a game. Learning helps you to develop the necessary skills which will help you to get big in the long term.

That’s the secret behind handful experts which win poker titles year after year. What I have been observed is When you lose a game of online poker you blame luck if you win you say it’s your hard work which made this possible. The funny thing is same goes in the case of life as well where you lose you made luck accountable for it. Today, I would like to tell you that it is better to learn and improve yourself as being angry on luck is not going to help you. Let’s learn some tips as things are serious when James bond plays poker.

poker online
poker online

Poker Online Technique That Changed My Life Forever

Here are the top lessons extracts which really helped me in winning big from poker and life. You can also apply them to be the champion of life and poker. The techniques are as follows:

No need to be the best

Life is simple so the poker is you just get some cards and after seeing them you need to bet on it. If your cards are stronger than the cards your opponent gets you win or if your opponent is not much confident and surrenders again you win 😜. I think now you understand that being the best is not what it needs to be a winner sometimes a person who doesn’t losses hope or being confident is your pathway to success. 

Sometimes it is not in your hands to become the best due to things uncontrolled things but you can always play better by having what you have. As surrender is not a solution for not having good cards as there are several examples who created history with those so-called bad cards. By just using their skills to play better than their opponent. There is a live example Chris who made a bluff of history and won millions at WSOP. Yes, he played so well with even no so good cards but his skills and never leaving the hope quality made his day and he ends up with taking millions home.  

Things will never go perfect when you need them

There are some most desired things which you guys always wish to get. So is in the case of Online Poker there is an invincible set of cards which is never defeated due to its perfectness. But the harsh reality is you never get them when you need them most or the chips you have may run out before your desired chance to play. It means that you cannot wait for the right opportunity to use that special tool as it may prevent you from achieving goals.

According to myself waiting is not the right thing to do as it can vanish the opportunities. Like proposing a girl you are fancy about, talking with your boss for increment must be done at preference. Sometimes cards are not in your favour but you can still perform well by applying skills and being confident. So, take your call right now as delaying it can end up with making problems bigger over the period of time. If you do not respond actively to situations you will lose whether it is life or a game of Poker. It is necessary to deal the game proactively while taking calculated risks to win can make your life.

If you want to win than it is necessary to play the game

This is a very important fact and must be understood so that you can imply this efficiently in your life and poker. Whenever I make a bet in poker raises an opportunity of winning on the other hand also induce a risk of losing. Same goes with the life you need to take decisions in order to make your dream come true. But you never know the steps you are taking will give you desired results or not. Playing safe can lead to your easy exploitation let’s understand this by an example.

In Poker if you play with best hands only then your opponents will easily notice your behaviour over a point of time. It will give them an opportunity to exploit you by avoiding that specific bet as they can easily predict as you play on best hands only. This means without taking risks opportunities cannot be made bigger no matter it is a game of poker or life. As ten years ago having a degree is meant safe for having a big job but in the current scenario, companies will exploit you as they know a big number of people is doing this to get the job. 

So, do not play safe as it will be predictable over a period of time, also do not try to predict each and every outcome. As it is not possible what you can do is maximise your possibility of winning by taking care of every situation you faced. 

To win you have to put all skills together

Online Poker is a mix of various things like mathematics, psychology etc. While playing the game you need to read your opponent behaviour while calculating other things efficiently. In life, you need to perform while calculating your other moves efficiently to win at the end. In other words, to sell a product you need to have good communication skills along with the quality of product is also important. If you want to get a promotion in your company, do you need to work for longer hours maybe you are already working for more than eight hours. You just need to connect with your coworkers and boss which is an effective way to know where are you lacking. 

Not achieving things as per your desire or plan firstly check your plan is it balanced or not. Sometimes you have missed any small or big thing in your plan and you even don’t have any idea that. Add that thing in your plan or balance it by taking care of every aspect of your plan whether it is practise, theory, knowledge etc.

Try to win big it is not necessary that you win every time

As most of you play poker in order to generate some money not just to win every game. Same goes with life which you always dreamt of living either by hook or crook. No need to be superior in each work you do as life is full of human errors, trials, unpredictable situations. Success is not about winning battles, it is about winning the war. It is okay if you lose small bets and won a big hand at the end of the day you happy as you earned a huge sum of money.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how many girls broke with you but finding an adorable, smart girl who is able to understand your feelings and emotions is a real-time success for you. Life and poker is a journey full of unexpected outcomes enjoy every moment of it as it is not possible to win every time. But winning big can balance you by making yourself richer.

Best Places to Play Poker Online

If you are searching for good places to play poker online. Then the list given below is for you I have researched and made a list and also ranked them as per their usability and features. I have taken necessary precautions while checking the website like trust, safety, fair play etc. But before knowing the sites have a look at some important points. Which help you to understand the game along with a guide helping you to check any random Poker website if it is genuine or not. 

How Playing Poker Online Affected U.S.?

With the start of playing Poker Online, a new era of gambling started which lasted longer but with new legal restrictions. The industry underwent several changes to fulfil them as from selected places of US you are allowed to play. In 2006, Party Poker shut down its online poker operations to focus on the international poker. At the time of exit, they were the number one player of USA. PokerStars, Absolute Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Ulitmate Bet are some names who aggressively captured the market share of Party Poker.

But just after Five years in 2011, Ultimate Bet, Absolute Poker left the market completely in same year FullTilt Poker acquired by Poker Stars. Making his market share even bigger and continuing his commitment towards providing services for playing Poker Online not only in US but across the globe.

How to choose Right site to play Poker Online?

You can simply choose a good Poker Website by taking care of the points mentioned below:

  • For a good playing experience, it is necessary to get the games which you love to play. So, check the site for games they are providing as Baccarat, Texas Holdem are not only games of Poker. 
  • Good user experience means being comfortable while making transactions like withdrawal of money. So, look at websites having easy and quick withdrawal transactions Only.
  • The website must have a user-friendly interface along with the latest software which makes the game Fair Play and smooth. As a site with older software will have an interruptive game that can create a doubt while playing the game.

While several good names in the field of playing Poker online has already left the US market. But still, there are a bewildering number of sites providing poker services online. 

Best Poker Online Site List

To win big it is necessary to find genuine websites where you can play and show up your skills. Be aware of fraudulent sites as they are a real threat to your hard earned money. The sites I have provided on the list are researched on trust, fair-play, technology factors:


Poker Online
Poker Online

888poker is one of the most famous sites to play poker online. Here you can play softest poker games these unique type of games makes it special from big competitors. The site is known for its quality poker and has an honour of being first real quality poker site. Right now it is the third biggest poker site in the world.

Recently the site has updated with new software which offers a dozen of new features with lovely graphics. The updated user interface of the site is equally good for a beginner or experienced poker lover. You can also participate in weekly tournaments where you can win good structure winnings.

Tiger Gaming

Poker Online
Poker Online

Tiger Gaming is not a big name in the poker industry but quality experience provided by the site is really impressive. The site is good for beginners or for those who just want to play for fun as here you cannot win a huge amount. Traffic is very small with easily winnable games to play and no invincible bots are there. The software provided on site is updated and works efficiently even withdrawals are super smooth.

Daily tournament matches are another reason to visit the site as you have a daily opportunity to get some cash home. If you are a player who is stuck in a traditional style of poker than you can visit Tiger gaming to play Poker online to experience something new.

Poker Stars

Poker Online
Poker Online

Poker star is the biggest poker online site in the world. The site offers some great mix games with mountain high limits which is enough to provide a thrilling experience. The site also gave some really great poker players which are Daniel Negreanu, Brit Liv Boeree and WSOP Main Event winner Chris Moneymaker. Here you can find people having skills set of beginner to expert level from all around the world.

Poker stars software is the best thing as it provides lightning fast games along with some really interesting features. Only site to play satellite game for Europe Poker Tour and Carribean Poker Stars. You can also customise the game themes to have a personalised feeling while playing you can also turn on/off audio as per your preference.

Party Poker

Poker Online
Poker Online

Party Poker is another popular name previously it was the world’s biggest poker site due to its huge Partypoker Live Tour which is expanded as well. The site is well known for its big limit games with big numbers of player coming on the site ranging from beginner to experts. After coming back to the USA in 2013, it hosted several flagship tournaments in both formats offline and online.

Giving you an opportunity to make millions simply by participating in these party poker tours. The site has been done a collaboration with Triton Poker High Roller which is famous for its Short deck Hold’em online game. Now you can also play online tournament and satellite on your favourite Part Poker site.

Ladbrokes Poker

Poker Online
Poker Online

Ladbrokes Poker is a popular sportsbook and poker site with an online casino. Here you will find many versatile poker games with low buy-in satellite to play in live games. The site holds hi-quality graphics and decent playability on most of the games runs regularly with limits including Texas Hold’em which is most popular as always. Do you know? Ladbrokes is the biggest sports betting company in the world.

The online casino provides you a wide range of bingo game, slot games, table games these are enough to keep you entertained. You can also participate in several satellite games to head yourself into big events like Aussie Millions, WSOP. These events always have a large ongoing promotion on the site so can simply take benefit by playing it here.


Poker Online
Poker Online

Are you from UK than possibilities are that you are familiar with Gala Coral Group which runs Coral brand for playing Poker online. The site provides largest range of betting sports which includes a casino, horse racing, poker room, Bingo, sportsbook, Lotto and many more. If you ever wish to play a game first check it on Coral if it is not here than possibilities are you cannot find that game online.

The brand name is fully safe and reliable known for its quick payouts even super jackpots are paid on daily basis without any delay. The brand strength pays off when you choose games like super jackpot which promises big rewards. The best thing about playing on big names like Coral is you know that your money is in safe hands with quicker payouts and fair play.


Poker Online
Poker Online

Are you frustrated by loosing again and again. If you want to earn a set of skills you can head towards Bet at home to sharpen your edges. The site started as a sportsbook but expanded itself into a poker site. It is best known for its abundance of non-poker players in games being a member of the iPoker network.

If you are craving to gain some experience of poker than you must try this. Here you will get several assorted games which include traditional games like No limit Hold’em, Baccarat along with latest SOKO, Five card draw. The software is pretty simple to play but lacks speeds as it is not updated recently. 

Betfair Poker

Poker Online
Poker Online

Betfair Poker is one of the fastest growing flagship poker room of Europe. The clock given is a bit short which makes the game faster even the site multi-table room where you gets 15 tables to play. Betfair Poker holds a strong software which provides fair play along with some technologically advanced features. The site is updated on a regular basis which gives provides efficient gameplay with no lags. Betfair also holds a record for having 4000 playing poker online in a tournament.

Full Tilt

Poker Online
Poker Online

Full tilt is a must visit site for its super soft games, world-class casino game suits as per Poker industry trends. Here you can choose from promotional offers running on the site to save your money. Full tilt poker was highlighted in 2011 Black Friday where the site has been declared as a Ponzi scheme. But just after a year the Pokerstars take over the site and relaunched it again and site recapture the market. Now Full tilt is one of the leading names in the world of playing poker online. Now you can play some profitable games as site provides more gamble than its competitors most of time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some commonly asked questions and their answers regarding poker online playing.

Is Playing Poker Online is Legal?

Actually it depends on the location as online gambling is legal in some areas but there are some regions where it is a punishable offence. Let’s talk about the US, here no restrictions over playing poker but several states implemented separate federal laws making Gambling an offence. So, Must check with local authorities of your area before playing poker online. 

Are Poker sites involved in cheating?

Playing Poker Online is made full proof by providing hack-proof software and other precautionary features. But still cheating incidents have taken place with involvement of some really big names of Poker. Just do some research and explore Absolute Poker incident apart from the only form of cheating that can be done is two player sharing table information with each other. But as per my experience, the players involved in this type of cheating have poor playing skills that you can still beat them easily. 

Is money safe with these Poker sites?

Before making any money transaction you must check site authenticity, reputation, fair play etc. As it varies from each site most of Poker sites are reliable enough. But your funds can be stuck in with a condition where government take any lawful action. In that case, your money will be delayed the same thing happened with Pokerstars where players waited for a couple of months withdraw their funds from the site. Invest accordingly as there can be an unexpected delay in the withdrawal of money. 

How to withdraw or deposit Funds? 

To deposit funds into poker online you can use your credit or debit card. As most of the poker sites support this just enter your card details along with your deposite amount. Even some site supports Paypal, Moneygram and local money wallets of that area to make payments. For making a withdrawal, you use your bank account only. Nowadays Bitcoin is becoming an popular medium to deposit or withdraw funds and many gambling sites are allowing you to transact in bitcoin as well.

Is it necessary to download software for playing Poker Online?

Almost all major sites require to download software for playing poker online. But no need to worry as these softwares doesn’t take much time to download also making your playing experience safe. There are some sites which serve directly through the internet browser in that case no download is required.

What games can I play on these sites?

The game varies from site to site as all ahve their set target market but some common games that are available on all sites include Texas Holdem, StudPoker, 5 cards, Baccarat etc. But every site feature game for all type of players but still if you want to play any specific game read detailed information before signing up at the site. This is the only way to know what all games site is offering for its players.

Can I play Poker Online on Mac?

Previously Mac users had very limited options to play but now sites provide software compatible with Mac OS. You can also play poker online by using the alternate method which is download an Windows Emulator on your Mac. By doing this you can independently play poker on any site by using your Mac.

Can I Play Poker on Mobile?

 Yes, there are sites which offer a mobile app for playing poker online. But still several sites doesn’t have an app so you can check first with site whether they have any official app or not. As there are several fake apps available on the play store which can be a threat to your hard earned money. Handy apps are trending as they are quick and easy way to enjoy poker at any point of time or place. Another reason behind adopting apps is mobile internet users are a bigger market than desktop users and Poker sites are aggresively capturing this market.

Playing Poker Online in United States

Right now Playing Poker Online in United States is not that easy task which it used to be. Before 2011 there are several options to choose from for playing quality poker game. But govt imposed several legal restrictions along with a heavy fine after that many big names shut down. You can still play poker online but now options are less as many sites don’t entertain players from US. Poker is still in business and many poker lovers making money by playing it online.

If you face any issue while playing you can always contact the customer care team to get a solution for it. It is seen that sites accepting players from the US provides great support to help you. The major Poker brands opertaing in US right now are Pokerstars, FullTiltPoker, BetOnline, Ignition Casino, Intertops Casino, Americas Cardroom, Bovada, Blackchip Poker, SB Poker, True Poker.    



I have done my best to provide you list of best Poker Online Playing sites. To experience the online casino, betting games or poker these are must place to visit. Also, my life experience about poker which I have summarised in short points. Which is quick to learn and easy to apply the final decision in your hands where you want to play and which tips you want to apply while playing poker online. I hope that the above information shared is efficient enough and help you to make your poker journey successful. Still having any doubt no need to worry mention all in the comment box below.   


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