How I Learned Baccarat And Earn 2 Million Instantly

Ever noticed in James bond where 007 making a hell lot of money as winning at baccarat tables. The same story you can witness these days on the casino where baccarat tables are increasing day by day. Due to its huge popularity among poker players and helping casinos to increase their profitability as well. The game is fastly moving toward to become number one casino game in the world. 

Baccarat is also seen as becoming a 40+ career and going big day by day. Do you know? How Asian people like to play Baccarat? Baccarat among Asian players is played on big double tables, dealers in tuxedos, attractive women’s wearing long gowns standing around. Just what you have seen in James Bond movie Its easy to play baccarat and also simple to learn. Let’s explore the game and many more interesting facts of it.



How to Play Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game that is popular in casinos. The game is generally played on a big table which can easily accommodate 13-14 players. Seats are numbered to keep track record no 13 number is not allocated to anyone due to superstitious beliefs of being unlucky. A deck of 52 cards is used to play the game after six or eight shuffles the cards are placed in a shoe. After cut card, 16 cards from the end of shoe is picked up also indicating the last hand if shoe. 

As every player make their bet, It is played between two hands known as the player and the banker in the game. In every round, there are three possible outcomes player has a higher score, bankers have a higher score or Tie. The player moves are forced by cards of his competitors as these moves will help to be a winner of game. The game outcome is determined by calculating the total of each player and the higher one wins. Now let’s understand the important points of this popular game. 

Card Values in Baccarat

The card values of Baccarat are as follows:

  • Ace provides you with a point value of one only.
  • Ten, Jack, Queen and King will give you point value of zero only. 
  • Cards from 2-9 will give you point as per their pip value.

Do not get confused with values 2-9 as ten is subtracted from any value more than 9. For Ex. If you have cards value 4, 9, 3 making a sum of 16 but in Baccarat it is considered as 6 by subtracting 10. Simultaneously 10 or 20 double it becomes zero automatically. 


Game Object

The object of game is to decide a winner. The game-winner is decided by getting nine or a total which is closest to nine. As the one who gets closest total to nine is declared winner the game is started with two cards and if you get total of 9 or 8 is called natural and goes in favour of player. If you don’t get a natural total the dealer will give an extra card to both players. The cards are faced down and after making bets cards are opened and core calculated. 

Player’s Hand

The player’s hand is also known as first hand due to its acted upon first. Two cards are turned over and total announced dealer after it bankers cards are also explored Any total of up to 6 is players stand, no cards are drawn. As you already know a total of 8 or nine is natural and automatically a winner against any banker’s hand except natural numbers. If the numbers are same then it is a tie. Otherwise, anyone having greater number/values is declared the winner.

Banker’s Hand

Banker’s stand on two cards creating a sum of 9,8 or 7, on the other hand, it hits on two cards with a sum of 3 or lower. It can also hit with higher sum depending on players hand total like aginst 2 banker’s hand will hit by 4, hit by 5 if you have a total of 4, hit by 6 if you have 6 or 7. 

You don’t need to be worried about remembering the rules as it will be taken care by the dealer while playing the game. You just need to just keep betting and try to win as big as you want. 


Just like any other gambling game here you also need a strategy to play like a pro. To make your strategy surprising and effective you need come up with a new one depending on your opponent and other factors. But to help you out I am providing you some tips taking care of these tips you can efficiently create an effective strategy.

Never try to TIE the bet

Baccarat has very low mathematical advantage on its two of three options or bets. Those three options are the win by player, win by banker or TIE. If Calculate possibilities on a metre then banker have the possibility of 1.06% only, the player has a possibility of 1.24% Only. Now coming on the rotten bet which is actually called a TIE it has a possibility of 14.4%. Yup dear, I am not joking tie has the maximum possibility over the other two. That’s why always try to avoid tie as this is a total waste of bet.

Which bet is Best?

Yes to craft a good strategy you need to know which is the best bet. Whenever you are going to make your first bet you must bet on the banker. As it is the best and win slightly more than 50% of times. There is a 5% commission charged on every win.

Stick to your plan

While playing the game it is important to stick with your plan as changing options can lead to great losses. You made a bet on banker as finding it better than any other and Banker doesn’t go with your first bet. Do not change the bet keep betting on it but also keep thing a mind that there is no indication or possibility that the outcome remains same. So, do not egressive with your betting amounts as this can help you to eliminate or reduce losses if any. 

After every loss wait for at least one bet

If you lose a bet then don’t aggressively jump into another bet. Be patient first observe things try to understand why you lost? And take your time to make next bet. 

Mini Baccarat can be dangerous

Be aware of the fact that traditional baccarat and mini-baccarat does not share the same set of rules. The main differences are in mini-baccarat dealers deal the game not players while in the traditional player controls the game. Another difference is mini baccarat is an extremely fast game as some games witness 150 to 200 decisions in a round. While playing mini-baccarat you must use banker only bettings keep on betting until banker losses. After it wait for a player to lose and start again with your banker bets. It will reduce more than or less than half your losing possibilities.

Tie doesn’t make any count

The game doesn’t count any tie bets they act as invisible. The tie bets are just a pause in game nothing else keep tie out of your strategy. 

Money Management

Money management is very critical in baccarat which makes it a tight game. Before playing decide a budget for playing and if you lose that amount stop playing and will start playing from next day only. Same goes for winning if you won a great amount and do not want to quit now you can. Before playing more divide your money into two parts and use only one part for playing more on that day.

History of Baccarat 

While talking about historic facts of the game like to mention that origin is disputed. as one source claims 19 century and another one claims that it is founded. In France in 15 century by soldiers returning from Franco Italian war. The game is popular during Napolean era which means that game is in trends before even casino gambling made legal in 1907.

In France, the game is commonly played in private gaming rooms. The game has three versions firstly Baccarat Banque which is the oldest form and need three players to play. Secondly, Chemin de far evolved which can be played by 2 players only Thirdly Baccarat Punto in which bettor bets on whether any hand wins. This latest form is known as Modern Baccarat and once popular as a house banked game in Havana. After knowing all major details of game lets explore on latest things which is baccarat app.

Baccarat App

In this modern age, your favourite game is available to play by easily using a mobile app. Due to this makes it possible to play your favourite game at any point of time from any place you want. 

Silent Features

The features of Baccarat mobile app are as follows:

  • All winnings are given on ratio of 1:1. Whether the bet is won by player or banker. 
  • If a bet is Tie than it is paid on a ratio of 9:1.
  • To estimate, the value of a specific hand a simple calculation is done by adding a number of cards. 
  • Player hand rules – If two drawn card total is six or more then the player will stand without drawing any card but if the total is 5 or less than in that case player draw an extra card.
  • Banker hand rules – when the two cards total is more than 7 than banker will stand without drawing a card. If two cards total is 0,1,2 than banker will draw an additional card. 
  • For any issue or support, you can contact at

How to Download App

For Android

To download for Android mobile and other devices follow steps given below:

  • Use the link to Download the app for your Android device.
  • After installation check the app icon in device menu.
  • Tap the icon to open it.
  • Follow the instruction given.
  • You are all set to play baccarat.

For Pc

To enjoy the game on Pc follow steps given below:

  • Download an Android emulator for your PC like bluestacks.
  • Now drag and drop the baccarat file in Emulator.
  • Install the app by using Android emulator.
  • Open the app.
  • Fulfil the details needed.
  • You are all done to enjoy your favourite game on Pc.

How to win Baccarat


Before knowing how to win you need to understand that baccarat is not a game of only skill it is more of luck. Once you make a bet no matter it is on the banker, player or tie after that nothing is in your hands. As you cannot take any decisions that can change the upcoming cards which you can do in WSOP. After taking the side you are more like an audience as you have to watch which card unfolds. If you are not a regular player of Baccarat than I will recommend you to understand the rules first. Rules will help you to understand the main reason behind losing or winning a bet. 

Rules of Baccarat

The rules of baccarat are as follows:

  • If card total is more than eight than player and banker both will stand.
  • In case when card total is less than five an additional card is drawn.
  • The opposite side will stand when total is less than five.
  • In case of a tie, you will get 1-8 points, You can use the sheet provided to keep an eye on your score in detail.


That all on Baccarat, well the game is interesting and full of excitement as this not solely works on your skill. One needs luck as well with him to be the winner You can simply follow the mentioned tips. Do not forget rules as these will play an important role in your winning strategy. I hope you like the information shared here and will share it with your friends and families. Kindly mention in the comment box what would you like to explore in our next blogs. Our team will try their best to research and provide brief knowledge about the game.        

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